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From Bradford


Roger's Locksmith Service

Bill Bradfords Locksmith to Roger's Locksmith Service

   I met Bill while working as Maintenance Supervisor of Mustang Mobile Park LLC in McPherson, KS.   The first time I met him he let me know that Jesus Christ is the reason and purpose of this life, to which I whole heartedly agree. 

   By the second time I met him I'm sure I received my "first hug."  He was always friendly and willing to teach me whatever I needed to know about locks.

   One day I called Bill up to ask when our locks would arrive, but not only was he not in his office, he was in Tennessee looking at buying a house!  He said that he would probably sell the business to me.  I thought he was kidding, but about four months later I asked him about it and he was very serious.  So after much prayer and discussion I became a full time locksmith.

  Not only did I get a stocked work van, the largest

collection of knobs and key machines in the county,

great customers, and abundant blessings, 

but also Bill and Neva's prayers and a direct line to

ask for Bill's help any time.

  I am very blessed!

Bill Bradford to Roger's Locksmith Service
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